Black Line Body Jewelry

    Black line body jewelry is made completely biocompatibility for healthy piercings and a sleek look. By its origin black line body jewelry was created by applying a black PVD coating onto G23 medical grade titanium, so it has some characteristics of titanium, like extra strongest and solid as well as extremely tightness and evenly on the base. The surface of the black line body jewelry is tremendously adhesive to the substrate, is conformal and pinhole free, is an excellent permeation barrier, and is sterile on preparation, that is the guarantee the long using period.

    Black line body jewelry things are also very resistible to scratches, shock and mechanical impacts as well as it not influenced by environmental influences, for example, human sweat or acidic environmental reasons.

    Black line body jewelry things are pre-requisite when applied in medical device situations. They are suitable for extended wear as well as for some kinds of initial piercing. It does not cause any negative consequences, changes in color and is biochemically figures. In addition to this we also must confess that the coefficient of aging of black titanium is lower than you can imagine. Catalogues in our shop contains black line body jewelry to all desires. If you want to find something for yourself visit our shop. We guarantee that our black line piercing jewelry is one of high quality and it will be wearing by you for a long time.

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