Belly Button Rings, Belly Rings

    Huge variety of different forms, materials and colors of belly button rings are the specialty of the shop. You can find different types and style of piercings suitable for your pocket. Despite lots of types, there are some common rules for using these adornments. The priority reason for safe wearing belly button piercing is using surgical steel for pins and all models of our collection are made of it.

    The offers you not only the most common size for belly rings, 14 gauge, but also the huge amount of the others one. Nowadays belly button rings are mostly popular among women. Our shop also can give you a chance to choose the material you want. There are solid gold, sterling silver, flexible bioplast and titanium, epoxy, glass, surgical steel 316L in our shop. Also you can choose your individual design of belly button rings, among of different flowers and hearts, cherries and animals, gothic symbols and crosses, butterflies and fairy creatures and lots others.

    There are some fairies about belly button rings and the most popular is unsuitable look with evening dress or some casual clothe. But still it's not true. Firstly it's because of very gentle design which match or types of clothe, and secondly cause of vintage and elegance look.

    The prefer working only with marked jewelry, so based on this rule we can guarantee you safety while you wear our belly button ring without any allergic reaction of skin or other uncomfortable or negative results. But not only safety but also suitable prices and variety of choices are in the shop. If you still hesitate, contact with us. We give you all information and answer for your issues.

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