Acrylic Body Jewelry

    Product which is made of a substance derived from acrylic acid is called acrylics. Acrylic products are a useful, clear plastically done that resembles glass, but they have properties that make them more superior to glass in many ways. This material is widespread in jewelry production, especially in body piercings. It's some kind of safe plastic, as it not contains chemical component and also it's very cheap which suitable for every day wearing in schools, colleges by teenagers. This type of material used in piercing body jewelry is also practical cause of its possibility to be washed any time. Acrylic products are used with stainless steel, titanium or even silver.

    There are a few piercing body acrylic jewelry catalogues in our shop, which show the expiration of designers and some futuristic views on style, practice and economy in spending money for self-expression. If you want no order or just have some questions emailed us, and remember it's your golden fish, just make a wish.

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