Acrylic Body Jewelry

    Acrylic body jewelry looks very bright and awesome. This kind of plastics is safe, so it can be inserted even into a fresh perforation. Transparent acrylic body jewelry is almost imperceptible. That is why such jewelry is perfect to wear when going to school, college or work. The studs and tunnels are often made of plastics. Most often acrylic body jewelry is made of polymethyl methacrylate or is a combination of a barbell or a ring made of titanium (steel) and balls (cones) made of acryl. Acrylic body jewelry is used in a numbers of next to skin piercing adornments. Acrylic jewelry is cheap and light to wear. Adornments of the category UV-reflective acrylic body jewelry and black light-reactive are absolutely safe, because they do not have hazardous chemical components. But acrylic jewelry is nondurable and because of their porous surface they should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

    In our catalog you will find acrylic body jewelry in extremely rich colors, unusual in shape and with fancy oddities (e.g. glowing in ultraviolet light). When buying acrylic body jewelry in our body jewelry shop, you get a stylish, practical and reliable thing which saves you a lot of money and always looks fashionable.

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